Elena Artgent

Experienced artist

A member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists.

The main area of my creative work is energy that is almost impossible to feel in the cycle of everyday life and bustle.

My goal is to free you from this cycle. And to let you feel this energy for yourself.


Elena Artgent Artist

I create my works in the general field of ethics and aesthetics. My goal is to discard the vision and understanding of simple things as annoying factors of routine through visual images. I strive again and again tirelessly to discover beauty in everything, to develop my own optics, its sensitivity to the naturally beautiful. We should open our eyes and free ourselves from the imposed models of perception in order to feel life at every moment, at every point.

There are no minor details in my art. I develop my practice in the context of critical posthumanism. The self, everything that can be worthy of attention, is taken beyond the concrete, human, and extended to all things in the world. Whether it’s a tree root or a purely optical effect, we know that they are just as significant for the subtle world matter as any other details from which reality is sewn. I work with visuality as a vehicle of cognition and mutual understanding.

I depict simple things, details, work in an ascetic aesthetic. My work is rooted in the tradition of minimalism, in its phenomenological interpretation — in attention to perception itself, to the representation of simple objects as the beginning and the true source of beauty.

My paintings and style are influenced by the beauty of every moment in nature, in relationships, in thoughts, music, sense of harmony. My goal is to create an opportunity for you to find your own story in dialogue with my painting, find common vibrations, and joint positive moods.

«To see the beauty in the ordinary» is my credo as an artist, and as an ordinaty person

In my paintings, you can see the world through my eyes.


Every morning, classical music turns on in my creative studio and the magic begins on the canvas. As a result, very cheerful and radiant works are born!

You have an amazing opportunity to touch and get a piece of happiness into your home!

I participated in numerous art exhibitions. My works are kept in private collections in different countries.


Thank you for your interest in my work.

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