Exhibition activity:

* August 2022, international exhibition of contemporary art «Floral Mood», Moscow. Russia

* January-February 2022, «Winter Metamorphosis» exhibition, Lyubertsy 

* December 2021, the International exhibition-contest of abstract art St. Petersburg «Festival of Abstraction

* November 2021, International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Art «Russian Art Week», Moscow

* November 2021, International Exhibition «Charmed Autumn» from CHTO MIG, Nizhny Novgorod. Russia.

* November 2021, International exhibition «And I Dream a Village», St. Petersburg. Russia.

* October 2021, International exhibition-contest of works about nature «Floral Kingdom», Moscow

* October 2021, International exhibition & competition on natural phenomena

«ART SEASONS», Moscow. Russia.

* October 2021, International contemporary art contest «Talent of Russia», St. Petersburg. Russia.

* September 2021, Summer-Autumn exhibition, Moscow. Russia.

* September 2021, TSPH exhibition «Creative take-off», Moscow.

* March 2021, All-Russian Art Exhibition «Space and Sky», Moscow. Russia.

* February 2021, «Moustache, Paws, Tail» exhibition, Moscow. Russia.

* February 2021, International contemporary art contest «Talent of Russia», St. Petersburg. Russia.

* January 2021, International exhibition «Portraits of famous people», Moscow. Russia.

* December 2020, «Visiting a Fairy Tale» exhibition, Moscow. Russia.

* December 2020, exhibition within the framework of the All-Russian Festival «Blessed Warrior in Memory of the Blessed Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky», Moscow. Russia.

* November 2020, All-Russian Art Exhibition «Seasons of the year, Moscow. Russia.

* May 2020, International exhibition of paintings and drawings «75 Years of the Great Victory», Moscow. Russia.

* April 2020, All-Russia Art Exhibition «Great Russia», Moscow. Russia.

* March 2020, International Festival of Abstract Art «Abstractum», Saint Petersburg. Russia

* November 2019 International exhibition-contest of contemporary art «Russian Art Week», Moscow. Russia.

* May 2019, All-Russian festival of poetry and art «Art Poetry»

* April 2019 International exhibition and competition of animalistic art «Portrait of an Animal», Moscow, Russia.

* April 2019 XXVI International exhibition of contemporary art «Russian Art Week», Moscow. Russia.

Private collections

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